How To Treat Acne – Top 10 Self Care Treatments

Tired of acne and annoying pimples? Try out these 10 simple tips:

1.) Do NOT touch your face. 

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you… because I have acne and I’m trying to clear it up…

2.) Put a CLEAN towel on your pillow every night

3.) Wash your hands regularly…Duh

4.) Use A Moisturizer

acne self help

5.) Do NOT excessively wash your face

acne treatment

6.) Take BATHS over SHOWERS

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7.) Do NOT eat greasy foods

acne food

Sweet Jesus… stay away from that.

8.) Stay stress free!

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9) Do NOT pop your pimples

WARNING: This video is seriously disgusting… and also very satisfying.


Seriously the best, quickest, most effective way to treat acne is by a dermatologist. Don’t struggle with acne your entire life and get treated right away.